"Share to Lemmy" bookmarklet: Easy sharing without browser extensions - Lemmy
I made a “Share to Lemmy” bookmarklet to easily share content to Lemmy, maybe you want one too? If you don’t know what it is, it’s a bookmark that runs a small piece of code - In this case, it shares the page you’re currently on to Lemmy. If your browser have a bookmark bar, you’re always just a click away from a pre-filled share screen on your home instance. It should work in all desktop browsers. - Copy and tweak the code, replace nrsk.no with your home instance - Create a new bookmark, the tweaked code goes in the URL field - Click the bookmark while on a page you want to share javascript:void%20function(){var%20t=document.URL,o=document.title;window.location.href=%22https://nrsk.no/create_post%3Furl=%22+t+%22%26title=%22+o}();

Use this bookmarklet URL to post to code4lib.net with one click:

javascript:void function(){var u=document.URL,t=document.title;window.open('https://code4lib.net/create_post?title='+t+'&url='+u,'_blank').focus()}()

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