Wikidata & GLAM
IFLA Wikidata Working Group
The IFLA Wikidata Working Group was formed in late 2019 to explore and advocate for the use of and contribution to Wikidata by library and information professionals, the integration of Wikidata and Wikibase with library systems, and alignment of the Wikidata ontology with library metadata formats such as BIBFRAME, RDA, and MARC.

Wikicite + Libraries Discussion Series (2020)
The Wikicite Discussion Series was organised by the IFLA Wikidata Working Group and generously supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. Across six sessions (each around an hour), we explore open citations, language revitalisation, knowledge equity, access to scholarly publications, linking and visualising bibliographic data, the global wiki community, and much more!

Mit Wikidata durch den Bibliotheksbestand: Semantische Suchabfragen mithilfe von Linked Open Data
Slides of a talk by Christian Erlinger about use of Wikidata to support extended search

Kurs: Unlock the Libraries LOD Einführung (2022)
German introduction to Wikidata by Christian Erlinger with material at Wikiversity (2022)

Wikidata ist für alle (Bibliotheken) offen
German slides of a talk about Wikidata and Libraries by Christian Erlinger (2019)

German one-pager on Wikidata (2018)

Wikidata & GLAM
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