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A survey to understand how researchers use metadata for creating literary corpora

OpenAtlas is an open source database software developed especially to acquire, edit and manage research data from various fields of humanities like history, archaeology and cultural heritage…
First time I hear about OpenAtlas, which appears to be a competitor to [Nodegoat]( and I guess [ResearchSpace](

Allow the packet buffer size to be overridden by know-it-alls.
There are many interesting comments in this driver file.

Basically an awesome list of things you shouldn't do on GitHub.

Problematic Paper Screener
Tools to automatically suggest [PubPeer]( comments on scholarly publucations. Most problematic papers are found through "tortured phrases", like *man-made knowledge* instead of *artificial intelligence*. It's fascinating that people believe(?) this could work - and that these papers are actually published in the first place.

Bookmarklet to post to Lemmy
Use this [bookmarklet]( URL to post to with one click: `javascript:void function(){var u=document.URL,t=document.title;''+t+'&url='+u,'_blank').focus()}()`

I'm quite new to #Fediverse and only found this discussion to fix integration of Mastodon and Lemmy. Is there an introduction for dummies how to use both together in a meaningful way?

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