Library Linked Data
lobid — data infrastructure for libraries (hbz)
lobid provides Linked Open Data (LOD) services for libraries, consisting of user interfaces (UIs) and application programming interfaces (APIs). lobid is run by the North Rhine-Westphalian Library Service Centre (hbz).

LinkedOpenData-Service B3Kat
Linked Open Data from Bavarian library network (BVB)

Linked Open Data provided in the Common Library Network (GBV). The service subsumes multiple parts (data about libraries, documents, vocabularies...) in different state of development. No API other than plain HTTP requests so far.

Data dumps from BL including RDF

Open Data - K10plus
Data from K10plus union catalog (BSZ/GBV) as dump, including MARC21 and RDF

SLUB - LOD API documentation
LOD API from Dresden State and University Library (SLUB)

Library Linked Data
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